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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zoya Carey and Zoya Neeka

Hi all!

Today I have for you a polish combination I wasn't sure would work, but Katie at The Nailaholic (who's birthday was Sunday BTW - you should go wish her a happy birthday. No, really. There might just be something in it for you if you do!) insisted it would be awesome and I have to agree!

This is two coats of Zoya Carey with an accent of Zoya Neeka on my ring finger.  Both of these polishes were very easy to work with and covered completely and evenly in just two coats.
Zoya Carey and Neeka
Bonus pic of the sweater I wore with this!

I apologize for the graininess of my pictures. I  blog from my phone and  the combination Blogger and my watermarking app seem to be deteriorating my pics.

Hope you get the general idea.  This combination was gorgeous IRL!

And why are you still here? Go give Katie's blog some love! And if you win, tell her I sent you!


  1. haha! Love the plug :)
    Love how I was right too.... just sayin! :)